Peck, J.E.  1996a.  Commercial Moss Harvest Post-Harvest Recovery Interim Report. Report to the Siuslaw National Forest, Corvallis, OR.


    In August, 1994, harvestable epiphytes were removed from 85 one-meter long segments of live Acer circinatum (vine maple) stems at nine sites on the Hebo Ranger District, Siuslaw National Forest.  In 1995 and 1996, harvested stems were remeasured and percent cover was estimated for each species of epiphyte on each stem.  In 1995, a total of 18 taxa were found, with each stem averaging 3.7 species and 5.5% cover of epiphytes.  In 1996, a total of 20 taxa were found, with each stem averaging 4.5 species and 9.6% cover of epiphytes.  Recovery among sites has been variable, although this variation decreased from 1995 to 1996.  By 1995, all sites had recovered at least 50% of the species present in 1994, and nearly 70% of the original species richness.  Species were both gained and lost from 1995 to 1996.  Species richness and cover were higher in 1996 than 1995 and species composition differed.  Species composition also differed between the pre-harvest composition of 1994 and the post-harvest compositions of 1995 and 1996.  Although the increase in percent cover during post-harvest year 1 was higher than during year 2,  two years of data are insufficient to estimate an accumulation rate with any degree of confidence or estimate a trend in recovery.  Reliable rates may require 3 or more years of additional data.  Most species appear to re-establish within two years following harvest, primarily from litterfall and encroachment rather than regrowth from spores.  Biomass accumulation is very slow, with mats developing surface area much more rapidly than volume.


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