"Mosses invited themselves into the gardens of Japan and thereby invented moss gardening" (Schenk 1997, p. 31)

 The inherent beauty of mosses is becoming widely appreciated as witnessed in the establishment of moss gardens worldwide.  However, just as flower or vegetable gardens don't magically grow by themselves, utilizing mosses in the lawn or garden also requires an initial time investment.  However, once established moss "lawns" and gardens require little maintenance and offer beautiful rewards.

The best source of information on moss gardening is the book Moss Gardening by George Schenk (1997). This book is illustrated with beautiful color photos that clearly convey the visual appeal of living with mosses.

Mosses are commonly used to enhance the aesthetics of a garden. This is beautifully illustrated in the book Oriental Gardening (Japanese Garden Society of Oregon 1996). Pages 126-127 introduce the subject. The beauty of mosses as a key element in the Oriental garden is apparent in photos on pages 65 (groundcover in shady area), 73 (carpeting a stone water basin), 172 (over rock ledges by a pool), and 180-181 (as an extensive ground cover).

More information:

Why use mosses?

Which mosses should I use?

Establishing mosses in gardens

Maintenance of mosses in gardens

Photo above: moss- and lichen-covered wall at the churchyard at Kilmartin, Scotland. This is a freelaid stone wall. The overhanging trees encourage the growth of mosses. Sunnier walls (below) are covered mainly by lichens.


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